The Mustor Institute

High speed tactics, tools, templates, triggers and tricks…for everyone for evermore #!*?

Dear all,

I have worked long and hard on these high speed tactics, tools, templates, triggers and tricks for more than 25+ years now. Worked hard on making sure they were as generic as possible. So you could use them to quickly achieve all your goals. Be they business, government, defense goals. Be they fathering goals. Or mothering goals.

But unfortunately, as you can imagine, there had to be some compromise in some of the words used.

One being, and my apologies for all those interested in other goals, is the word ‘business’ in the two core standards:

  • the High Speed Business Mindset [MIS 1000]
  • the High Speed Business System [MIS 10000]


You can of course, replace these with a word(s) that align better with goals.  


Perhaps something like…
…the High Speed Financial Planning Mindset [MIS 1000]
…the High Speed Regulation Compliance System [MIS 10000]
…the Environmental Protection Mindset [MIS 1000]
…the Occupational Safety & Health System [MIS 10000]


Or, with a national defense focus…
…the High Speed Defense Mindset [MIS 1000]
…the High Speed Defense System [MIS 10000]


Or, on the home front…
…the High Speed Fathering Mindset [MIS 1000]
…the High Speed Mothering System [MIS 10000].


You get the idea, right?


With that, I wish you well…and good luck,
The creator…or better still, the sculptor who merely chiseled away the pieces to reveal the statue that has always been there.
aka Galactic Surfer Nate #!*?   For details on this pseudonym, pen name, click here…>



Keeping the MIS reference numbers will help with traceability.